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The National Grand Lodge of 1847 was reorganized and renamed The General Grand Masonic Congress Aug. 9th, 1889, by the Ill. John G. Jones 33rd in Cleveland, OH. It is a Masonic Body comprised of affiliated Grand Lodges A.F. & A. M. of the U.S.A. that is affiliated with the United Supreme Council (U.S.C.) Southern & Western Jurisdiction (A.A.S.R.) that was Inc. under John G. Jones, April 27, 1896, Washington, D.C. It was Re-Inc. under Ill. G.C. William, Nov. 3, 1927, in Washington, D.C. to be finally Re-Inc. under Ill. J. C. Parker, Aug. 26, 1946, Washington, D.C. … The Holy See.

List of President Generals from (1914-Present)

ILL B.H. Stillyard Wheeling, W. Va. 1914-1916
ILL Henry Broads Homestead, PA.1916-1918
ILL Chas. Mitchell San Antonio, TX.1918-1925
ILL G. C. Williams Shreveport, LA.1925-1936
ILL J. C. Parker Detroit, MI.1936-1958
ILL T. J. Hawkins Shreveport, LA.1958-1977
ILL. Robert L. Johnson, CA.1977-1987
ILL Ollie Spencer Sr. WA., D.C.1987-1998
ILL Jake Thomas Baltimore, MD. 1998-2010
ILL Ollie Spencer Sr. WA, D.C. 2010-2018
Ill. Michael Billingslea Atlanta, GA 2018-Present