So let's make it clear right here and now:
Freemasonry has Nothing - Absolutely Nothing - to do with Satan, or Anything of that

First, in order to become a Mason, one must profess a belief in a Supreme Being. While
someone might want to argue that Satan could be considered a Supreme Being the fact of the
matter is that the entire process of application would discourage someone with evil intent or
deviant behaviors which are contradictory to societal norms, they would not even be
considered for candidacy as a Mason.
Furthermore, one must be recommended by another Brother Mason in good standings before
even being considered for candidacy along with background checks.

Let's examine this further:
Would a person who might enjoy blaspheming God want to join a group which has an open
Bible in the Center of its Lodge room? Would a person who thinks the Devil guides their
actions want to stand and pray to the Grand Architect Of The Universe for help and guidance
in his life? Would a person who would find pleasure in debasing Deity feel comfortable around
a group of men, nearly all of whom are active in the practice of their faith and many of whom
are leaders in their Church, Synagogue, or Mosque?

The only answer is - Of Course Not!
Seek Wisdom and Light so That You Can Discern
The Truth From a Lie!
What's a Masonic Bible?
Bibles are popular gifts among Masons,
frequently given to a man when he joins
the lodge or at other special events. A
Masonic Bible is the same book anyone
thinks of as a Bible
(It's usually the King James translation)
Whom Do Mason's Serve?
"Many 'anti masons' claim masonry has
something or a lot to do with Lucifer and
Satanism, and many organisations which
endorse satanist teachings often mention
Freemasonry in their texts. Many Cowards and
Eavesdroppers have made an effort to prove that
these allegations are true, but I think that it has to
be said very clearly.