General Grand Masonic Congress (GGMC)
The Birth of the General Grand Masonic Congress:   (Nov. 1914-July 1918 WWI)

The Masonic Order  of  the General Grand Masonic Congress, A. F. & A. M. has long since been a member of  the Masonic order in the U. S. A. Organized
under a different name; The General Grand Masonic Congress was first formed as
The National Grand Lodge on June 27th 1847 in Boston,Massachusetts.
However, on August 9th, 1889 at Cleveland, Ohio, the (late) ILL. John G. Jones 33rd revived and reorganized this National body and the name was changed
The General Grand Masonic Congress (GGMC), Free & Accepted Masons of the United States of America and Canada. Its Holy See was and still is in
Washington, DC where it is an incorporated nonprofit organization affiliated with the United  Supreme Council (U.S.C.) of the Southern & Western
Jurisdiction. In 1895 John G. Jones, Lt. Sovereign Grand Commander of The United Supreme Council Southern and Western Jurisdiction, set up John G.
Jones Consistory #1 in Washington D.C. As membership began to grow in this New Consistory, the current Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand
Lodge, Ill. Hamilton Smith of Washington, D.C. issued an edit forbidding any of his member from holding membership in this New Consistory established
by John G. Jones. Those within his Jurisdiction that had already obtained membership in the New Consistory had to renounce their membership or be
expelled from his Grand Lodge. The members felt that the edit from Grand Master Hamilton Smith was wrong and appealed to the Grand Master who
denied their appeals. The Grand Lodge then split and became the present day
Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge F & A.M. and the Most
Worshipful Grand Lodge F. & A. M.
These two Grand Lodges are still active in Washington, DC. However, it is important to note that the Most Worshipful
Grand Lodge is now a four letter Grand Lodge (A. F. and A. M.) and that John G. Jones Consistory #1 is still affiliated with this Grand Lodge and has been
active in Washington, D.C. since 1895, making it the Oldest Consistory in our Supreme Council, the (U. S. C.) of the Southern and Western Jurisdiction.

Seeking a Warrent outside of the Prince Hall Mason's Jurisdiction, the ILL. Henry C. Scott went to Romania in 1896 to receive a legal and binding Warrant
from the Romanian National Grand Lodge (R.N.G.L.) founded in 1880 by (late) Ill. Honorable Brother Grand Master Colonel Constantine Moroiu to
Legally work and establish other Grand Lodges in the Jurisdiction of the United States & Canada.
Note: Because the "Mother Grand Lodge" The Most
Worshipful A. F & A. M. was officially born in 1896 as a four letter Scottish Rite Grand Lodge, ALL the affiliated Grand Lodges under this Warrent and
that had Membership with the G.G.M.C. and was affiliated with the United Supreme Council of the Southern & Western Jurisdiction A. F & A. M. all
were born from
The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge A. F. & A. M.; Meaning Only those Grand Lodges that are current Members of the G. G. M. C. or
affiliated with The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge A. F. & A. M. can claim its history and lineage to the work done by Ill. H.C. Scott 33rd and Ill. John G.
Jones 33rd.  All other Grand Lodges claiming our lineage are splits or non-affiliated organizations because the Warrant to Organize and Work in the
United States of America and Canada to establish other Grand Lodges was Only given to Henry C. Scott & The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge A. F. & A.M.
which is the Holy See in Washington, D. C. This National Organization of A.F.& A.M. was formed to act as an advisory and administrative body of the
Fraternity, not governing body to its member Grand Lodges. The United Supreme Council is a part of The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Order of
Freemasonry for the Southern and Western Masonic Jurisdiction of the U.S.A. and Canada; it was later organized on April 5, 1869 in the city of
Washington, D.C., by many high degree Masons from  Washington, D.C. who regulate Scottish Rite Masonry from the fourth to the thirty-third degrees.
Each of these bodies serve the purpose of  giving the Masonic student a cleaner insight into the realm's Masonic perfection, and render to him similar
service as the college renders to the high school graduate.

Supreme Councils can only be set up by another Supreme Council. This Supreme Council has never set up nor authorized any other Supreme Councils.
There are several Southern and Western United Supreme Councils and other organizations which use our corporate name and our history. Respectfully I
must submit to you that there has only been one United Supreme Council Southern and Western Jurisdiction registered in Washington, DC since its
formation in 1869, with the first members starting in 1856 from the conferring of degrees from King David Supreme Council. King David Supreme Council
was set up by Count de St. Laurent 33rd of the Supreme Council of France. It in turn conferred the degrees on Washington, DC members in 1856 and set
up the Southern and Western Supreme Council in 1869. Then the United States Supreme Council was set up by Baron A. Hugo de Bulow 33rd also a
member of the Grand Orient of France. It in turn set up the Southern Supreme Council at Baltimore, MD. in  1870. The Southern Supreme Council set up
the King Frederick Supreme Council in 1871. The United Supreme Council Southern and Western Jurisdiction of the United States and Canada is an
incorporated non–profit organization and has been since October of 1895 in good standing in Washington, DC and it is now a 501 C-10 tax exempt
charitable organization. Because of the Freedom of Information Act it would appear that some organizations get copies of our corporation papers and  
illegally tell their members a bogus story that it's their corporation papers; however, our pedigree has withstood the test of time and will continue...
The year 1900 is when the Imperial Grand Council Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
(PHA) split from our Imperial Grand Council Ancient ArabicOrder Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.
1895 The Year That Tore Prince Hall Masonry Apart
1895 is when the Supreme Councils of the Southern Jurisdiction (PHA) and the Southern and Western Jurisdiction formally split

As earlier stated many members belonged to both Jurisdictions simultaneously and continued to have a difference in opinion in the direction Masonry
should go. Further research indicates that when you look at the office of M. P. Sov. Grand Commander you will see that between 1875 and 1895 the office of
M. P. Sov. Grand Commander was rotated between members of the Southern Supreme Council and the Southern and Western Supreme Council. Hence, in

October of 1895
John G. Jones became M. P. Sov. Grand Commander of the United Supreme Council Southern and Western Jurisdiction and Thornton A.
Jackson was the Sov. Grand Commander of the
United Supreme Council Southern Jurisdiction. John G. Jones and Thornton A. Jackson fell out of favor
with one another causing John G. Jones to expel Thornton A. Jackson from the United Supreme Council Southern and Western Jurisdiction and likewise
Thornton A. Jackson expelled John G. Jones from the United Supreme Council Southern Jurisdiction. These actions later gave birth to what is refereed to
as "3 letter and 4 letter Black/Colored Masons," and has been an unnecessary dividing factor for over 100 years; keeping good men with like attainments at
odds with each other as oppose to uniting them and their resources for the common cause of good. Masons teach that Harmony is the Strength in
Establishing All societies, Most Especially Masons. Isn't it time to move pass these petty idiosyncrasies and work together to build a better tomorrow by
Meeting on the Level, Acting on the Plumb, & Parting on the Square? Since 1895, there has been a circle of contention among the members of all creeds
trying to claim ownership of Freemasonry. Freemasonry is based on the belief in a Universal Creator. Freemasonry has NO boundaries within its existence.
Having no boundaries, Freemasonry has found itself not bound by letters, jurisdiction, race, creed, religion, or color. There are over 100 different Masonic
Rites. To own Freemasonry is like trying to own the Holy Bible. We All serve A Universal God in a Universal Brotherhood, it is the common thread or
cable-tow that runs through All Masonic literature, lessons, an rites; binding us all as ONE.                                    ILL. Byron K. Amerson 33°
President Generals of the G. G. M. C.

ILL B.H.Stillyard; Wheeling, W. Va.; 1914-1916

ILL Henry Broads; Homestead, PA.;1916-1918

ILL Chas. Mitchell; San Antonio, TX.;1918-1925

ILL G. C. Williams; Shreveport, LA.;1925-1936

ILL J. C. Parker; Detroit, MI.;1936-1958

ILL T. J. Hawkins; Shreveport, LA.;1958-1977

ILL. Robert L. Johnson Los Angeles, CA.

ILL Ollie Spencer Sr.; Washington, D.C.;1987-1998

ILL Jake Thomas; Baltimore, MD.; 1998-2010.

ILL Ollie Spencer Sr.; Washington, D.C.; 2010-2018

ILL. Michael Billingslea, GA; 2018-Present
Est. in June of 1847
The General Grand Masonic Congress
is affiliated with

Masonic Historian: ILL. OLLIE SPENCER, Sr. 33°/96° D.C.
President General Emeritus General Grand Masonic
Congress of A. F. & A. M. Of the U. S. A. and Canada
Holy See Washington D. C.

ILL. John G. Jones 33°
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"Sweeping Victory on Feb. 1, 1910"
For the Legal Masons in the U. S. of A.